#115 The Dumb Leaders Podcast – The Volatile Volcano

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#115 The Dumb Leaders Podcast – The Volatile Volcano

sWelcome to the Dumb Leaders Podcast

And what a doozy we have for you. We have labelled this guy, this DL the Volatile Volcano…. Known and feared for intermittent eruptions.

Every day we head into the office, wishing for an eruption free day, but often it’s ground hog day again. Our boss, the owner of the business has no self-control over his own emotions…. Everyone walks on eggshells when he is in the office, everyone is on edge, it is making some of the office girls sick, we all dread coming to work but very few of us take days off as we know it just makes worse for the rest.


Hope you take away some value from today’s podcast. We appreciate if your enjoyed this podcast to do a review on Itunes and to share with your network.

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Intro (10 Secs) – Dumb Things – Paul Kelly

Outro (15 Secs) – Date with a Vampire- Screaming Tribesman

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