#104 The Dumb Leaders Podcast – The Plight of Plonker Pete

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Episode 104 of the Dumb Leaders Podcast Talking about Plonker Pete.

Welcome to the Dumb Leaders Podcast as today I share another story that is amazing if not for its reality. It’s real

We have a state election here in Qld at the moment and as is the case more and more so, it can get nasty and personal. And in the part where I live it is particulary toxic.

But in an interesting side-show we have an independent candidate re-contesting a local seat, nothing ultimately fascinating about that but this independent is a guy that’s picked up the nickname of Plonker Pete.

Humans are fascinating and we don’t make this up.

Story here: http://www.news.com.au/national/queensland/lnp-dumps-redlands-mp-peter-dowling-after-sexting-and–scandals/news-story/6ca57cc3a7aa72d474ea817e6bfd3869


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