#103 The Dumb Leaders Podcast – Tales of Woe and Dread from Our Resident Experts

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Episode 103 of The Dumb Leaders Podcast. Barry Hopkins and Kevin Gammie, share their insight into Dumb Leadership mistakes and what they have learnt from it. Their stories of mistaks they have made and the observation of mistakes made by leaders are sensational. I still cannot believe the story Barry shared, its amazing that this actually happened, but it did. 

What can you learn from it?

The Dumb Leaders Podcast is part of the better leadership project, The Dumb Leaders Handbook. Find out more at DUMBLEADERS.COM

Share your dumb leadership stories, with us and gain valuable insight into how to deal and gain value from it.

If you know a dumb leader, I dare you to share the podcast with them.

Until Next week/

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