#101 Leadership Lessons – The Difference Between a Leader and a Manager

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Hi and welcome to leadership lessons on the Dumb Leaders Podcast

Today let’s look at the difference between a manager and a leader.

I’ll look at this in two aspects 

– Firstly a manager is about process

– A leader is about people.

Seems simple

Another chain of thought is that a manager controls, while a leader leads.

I’m thinking somewhere in there is the answer

The Dumb Leaders Handbook shares the train-wrecks, the mistakes, and the errors of judgement that inhibit many leaders in their quest for success. The Dumb Leaders Handbook dissects these dumb leaders mistakes and provides you the benefit. The structure behind each post reveals the learning through STORY, SCENARIO and STRATEGY. We share a story, provide the scenario that happened (or may happen) and detail a three-step strategy to help you not make the same mistakes.


The Curator
Author: The Curator

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