10 Signs of a Great Site

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10 Signs of a great site social imageIt is said that a cautiously outlined homepage will encourage people to dig deeper into your business. But is it just the homepage that makes your site one of the best?  Needless to say, the homepage is the first notion of the brand on a client’s mind. But there are many more factors that go into creating an effective website. It is important to ensure that all the important tips and tricks are used to create a website that fetches loyal customers, leads, and more. An impressive website can help in achieving all these. Given below are ten such factors that will help create a great website or check if your website is great or not!

A website explains your business

signs og a great site A website explains your business

One of the major signs of a great website is that it has unambiguous information. The best way to deliver appropriate information is to ask yourself; what will your customers get out of your website when they first visit? Right when a user enters the website’s homepage, it is important that they know your business. They should know all about what you offer and who you are at the very beginning. For instance, if you offer SEO services, list all the technical SEO services you offer. If your readers find it difficult to attain information about your services, they will immediately bounce to other sites. That should not happen and can be resolved by sharing accurate data.  

Attractive visual designs

10 signs of a great site visual designs image

Certain websites only show text and appear to be boring. These kinds of sites do not pique the interest of clients.  Design and visual communication are non-verbal forms of communicating information. Design is a fun part, but ensure not to overdo it and make it is cohesive. Make sure the website is designed according to the niche of the services you offer. Keep in mind your target audience; this will help you plan your homepage. For example, a formal corporate design won’t go if your business is about designing jewelry. 

A well-designed website with branding elements

The website determines the online presence of a business. The first stop for your potential clients will be the homepage. Does your homepage have branding elements that help sell your business? If not, you can add color, font, symbols from your branding material and build connections with your clients. Using these branding materials will help built confidence and a sense of familiarity with the business. 

Easy access to information 

10 signs of a great site Easy access to information

To make the website a success, it is important to create a unique design and offer seamless information. This will set your website aside from the competition. Therefore, you must share relevant information with the users. Provide enough information about who you are and what you do for new clients. Also, include resources for getting more information. This way, new clients will easily understand the basics and might also be your potential customers. 

SEO-friendly website

Just because you have a website with good design and adequate information doesn’t mean you are done. Top-rated websites are SEO-friendly. In layman language, SEO optimization is a general marketing technique for your online business. Ensure that your website has a good SEO implementation throughout your website. This will help it rank higher in the search engines. Consider using keywords, meta description, keyword-rich URLs, internal linking, well-optimized pages, and much more. 

User-friendly navigation

A well-designed and exciting website is of no use if it does not have user-friendly navigation. It is of utmost importance that users navigate the site easily and find all the important information they need. Keep the method by which one explores and moves around the site very simple and obvious. This will keep the visitors happy and coming back to your site whenever they need information. 

Optimized for mobile devices

10 signs of a great site user Optimized for mobile devices image

A cross-platform website is a great success. Nowadays, the majority of people use their mobile devices to find specific information. Even when you have performed great technical SEO on your site, your website’s functionality for mobile devices is off; it is of no good use. Check the responsiveness of your website on all platforms. Ensure that visitors have the best possible experience no matter what device they use. 

A good website contains a strong and competitive offer

An impressive website is extremely important for the success of your business online. Today, numerous customers visit online, review your website and make a decision to purchase. A good website should:

  1. Engage your target audiences.
  2. Have information so that prospective customers can find it.
  3. Well-designed and optimized.
  4. Fetch competitive offers. 

There are strong chances of getting successful at your business with all the triggers mentioned above. 

Strong value proportion 

The value proportion design must be strong. Analyze the kind of value proportion the homepage delivers. What reasons are offered to customers to stay on the page? One has to keep the customer engaged rather than forcing them to move to the competitor’s site. This indicates the potential customers and what your company can do for them. One can easily have a strong value proportion by providing solutions to the customer’s problem. 

Add Call-to-action 

10 signs of a great site call to action

A call to action slide is important for clients to take action and be one of the potential customers for the company. The main goal of having a website is to generate leads. Ensure that the Call-to-action button is big and bold. A CTA should appear clearly on the homepage so that customers know what to do after they have gained adequate information. If they cannot find a home button, they may leave the site not part of the sales funnel. Therefore, keep the CTA at an ideal location where users can easily find it. 


Try all the above-mentioned options and gain more knowledge to ensure that the website is up to par. In case you are still experiencing few doubts, it would be best to hire a professional. An expert can provide you with virtual website audits and assist in taking your business and website to another level. 

Tim AbsalikovAbout the Author: Tim Absalikov is the Acting CEO of Lasting Trend Agency. Tim is an expert in technical SEO.  

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