#1-25 The Dumb Leaders Podcast – Dumb Leaders Create A Negative Impact

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Episode 1-25 of the Dumb Leaders Podcast – Dumb Leaders Create a Negaltive Impact

BUT THE BAD LEADERS simply don’t care. They don’t care. The don’t take on the facts, they believe it is their right, it’s the way they manage. It’s the way they lead and don’t dare to give them feedback.

They don’t change and in fact often they get worse. That’s right they get worse because its their right. Its their right to lead the way they do and create ineffective team members because of their frustrating, annoying and inept methods in how they lead.

The live in this constant pressure cooker of their own doing, undermining themselves with their own behaviours. And that doesn’t change until the pain becomes too great. And when youre ready, we are ready. The Dumb Leaders Handbook – helping make you a better leader.

THIS WEEK SHARE THIS PODCAST WITH A DUMB LEADER – I DARE YOU. Lets get our message out. You deserve better leaders, we aim to develop them.

The Dumb Leaders Handbook is A Better Leadership Program. Learn the lessons from Lousy Leaders.


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