#1-22 The Dumb Leaders Podcast – The Australian Cricket Scandal

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Welcome to the podcast Episode 1-22 of The Dumb Leaders Podcast.

Australia was enveloped in the ball-tampering scandal where our Australian cricket captain was swallowed up in admission of guilt of ball tampering. The resounding crescendo and outcry was at fever pitch, careers have been taken, millions have been lost and our view of Australin cricket changed forever.

We dissect the leadership lessons from this debacle and what can you learn. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, this incident has lessons from you.

Lessons on Influence – Lessons on Integrity – Lessons on Culture – Lessons on Presence

Whether you agree with the associated outcry or not, the reality is that poor leadership created the scandal and the response would not have happened if strong leadership has been shown. 

And its probably happening in your business, in your organisation today. SO what can you learn to enable and empower Powerful leadership.

You my friend are a superhero leader. Act and behave like one. 

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