#1-21 The Dumb Leaders Podcast – The Dumb Leaders Ruled by the Chef

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Welcome to the podcast Episode 1-21 of The Dumb Leaders Podcast.

Today we are sharing a reader’s contribution, from Darren in NSW. He wrote to us to tell us about the situation they are in. Darren is employed as a wait staff in a small café/restaurant on the coast in NSW.

Darren shared with us the actions of the dumb owner, and the affect it is having on the team and the business.  We have called this Dumb Leader – Ruled by the Chef.

The Dumb Leader has a problem with the business and the problem is the chef. Being a small business they don’t have a large choice of employees or a large team to call on, so we have a small team, and most of us get on. With one exception The Chef.

Thanks for your feedback and for sharing. Share your Dumb Leader Story contact@dumbleaders.com

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